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Fishing Reports 2018

Saltwater Fishing Report for the week ending December 29, 2012

Provided courtesy of Tyee Marine.

Saltwater Salmon fishing continues to be good as anglers take advantage of Christmas time off and some calm weather. Most of the fishing is happening at one point of the "Golden Triangle" Cape Mudge, The Hump and Shelter Point. Depending on which direction the tide is flowing, Anglers are fishing either on the east or west side of Discovery Passage. When the tide is Ebbing, or flowing in a northerly direction, fishing is best on the east side of the Passage, at the Hump, or at the Cape Mudge Lighthouse. When the tide is flooding, or flowing southward, Shelter and Willow Points are best. There have been some nice-sized fish caught the past week, with reports of many in the "teens".

Tackle for the winter fishery ranges from flashers and hoochies to anchovies. The water is quite clear right now, so it is possible to catch fish using only a plug or a spoon. A 4" or 5" plug is recommended, while 3.5" to 5" spoons will be effective. Jigging at the hump with a needlefish imitation like a Point Wilson Dart can be a great way to put a fish in the bin.


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